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歴史ある古典部の真実 , 氷菓 " Hyouka ", Ice Cream , I Scream わたし は 叫ぶ

In Showa 42 (1967) , Kamiyama high school administrator decided to cut short the cultural fair from 5 days to 3 days . This causes the unsatisfied from the Kamiyama's student and they started a student movement in order to preserve the privilege of their extended cultural fair , but pathetically no one was dare to stand up against the teacher because they were scare of the punishment .

To maintain the student movement , a demonstrations were organized by an unknown student . Sadly what happened next was that Sekitani Jun, also as Chitanda's uncle, was made the leader of this student movement although it was against his wishes ( believed as used him as a sacrifice to sucess the demonstrations ) , drawing the shortest straw. 

With the figurehead, the demonstrations become more violent, and one of the school building got torched. Of course , the movement was successful to a degree and Sekitani was lauded for his efforts, but he himself was expelled a few months later for reasons that were lost to the modern club members. Sekitani Jun received all the punishment for it. He received the punishment for a position he did not desire, nor did he earn. 

In becoming the ' kind hero " of their high school's lore , Sekitani Jun was bestowed with an immortality that he did not wish for and lived with a punishment that tortured him until his disappearance in India. In carrying the half-hearted thanks and praise of a student body that used and disposed of him , he nurtured a growing bitterness and resentment. This coalesced into a grudge that he could never express through words. To make sure he pass down the feelings and anger he left behind , he used the only way he knew how to : through the name of his club's anthology...

氷菓 " Hyouka "...

After Sekitani Jun got expelled , apparently Kanya Festival is a wordplay for Sekitani Festival 
(  Kanji for Sekitani 関谷 also can be re-read as Kanya ). So the Kamiyama High Cultural 
Festival was actually unofficially called Kanya Festival as a tribute to the "hero'' that was sacrificed, Sekitani Jun 

Because Sekitani Jun was sacrificed unwilling , so Kanya Festival is a taboo to Classical Club which he was in before got expelled

Why Sekitani Jun used Hyouka as the title for the anthology in order to pass down his anger that he left behind ?
" 氷菓 " Hyouka , a Japanese character which means ice cream in English . A sweet and icy nice dessert for all of us , but do it really means Ice Cream ? 
No , Hyouka it doesn't really suited the title of this anthology , it just a lame pun for Ice Cream 
what feelings u have when u got yourself a cone of ice cream ? Sweet , Cold and nice feelings will came across, 
But in Sekitani Jun's case, it is totally in a different meaning.
A translation for a "lame pun"


"Ice Cream"

"I Scream"

( わたし は 叫ぶ ) 
In romanized : watashi wa sakebu

During Chitanda's childhood, she ask her uncle why he name the anthology as Hyouka .
After hearing his uncle explanation , she cried sadly because of the fear of being alive, but dead.
this causes the shock to Chitanda and after the shock , she doesn't quite remember what is the catalyst for her tears. 

After Houtarou ( protagonist ) solved the mystery , she finally remember what his uncle told her, 
Sekitani Jun told his niece ,Chitanda that she must be strong at all costs because there maybe a moment she cant even scream . She'll wish to cry out, but cant , like a voiceless rabbit got bitten by a canine, unable to ask for help , unable to scream , unable to cry , the only way to free itself is to fight back fruitlessly . No difference between live and death, sad and joy..She will be alive , but dead. 

Catalyst for her tears was what her uncle said

Her uncle got expelled

Her uncle got chosen as sacrifice

Demonstration held in Kamiyama

Demonstrations for more violence

                                                           Anthology " Hyouka "
                                               Canine was the educational adminstrator
                                                        rabbit was the student body
                                     and the only rabbit who fights with the canine was Sekitani Jun
                                                                  the Sacrifice

There is a moment u cant even scream 
this causes Chitanda to cry towards the fear of being alive, but dead

                                                      Translation for Hyouka
                                                            Ice Cream
                                                           I SCREAM