Thursday, December 6, 2012


well as u can see, i enrolled, or else u could say as a sacrifice by my parents into the DIP-ME course ( mechanical engineering course ) , before this i thought wanna join IT since i have more knowledge and interest in IT or computer programming , but oh well, already chosen , cant do anything to alter it - -

after a few months, met a few quite interesting friend ,and totally off contact to my previous friend..I dont mind either , they have their own way to go and i don't like people to trying to be nice in front of someone but backstabbing them..Now , if my friend have their own opinion, they speak out straight in front of you, which was the attitude i like.. * frowning*

try to smoke once,,,
hmm...not bad
im don't wanna try to be lenient again...
its tiring...

maybe will quit smoking if a gf request LOL...
IF.... OK ?
IF...cuz im not in that league (smirking)

Monday final exam, im praying so that foundation maths could pass,
of cuz, really work hard to get B...HOPEFULLY
i dont wanna pay rm660 to retake .
rm660 cost alot , and i could buy a new headphones with it man= =*LOL*

new bass, though its a novice one = = still OK for me since im not that good
The day before yesterday, i saw a rabbit
Yesterday, i saw a deer,
and today, you